Fall State

October 10–11


This will be a 2-day event and will be limited to 34 teams Saturday and 22 teams Sunday State Championship rings will be awarded this weekend. This will be a double elimination event. Cost will be $350 per team. 2 Softballs will be provided with paid entry. Men’s & Women’s Upper and Lower will be offered as well as CoEd Upper and Lower.

60 minute game times for this Event 20/15/10 run rule.


  •  WSL Sanction fee MUST be paid before first game ($45)
  • All 2013 ASA and 2012 USSSA stamped bats are OK
  • Worth Gold Dot WSL 44/400 balls ONLY
  • Entry deadline is noon on the Wednesday prior to tournament
  • Teams who drop after entry deadline are subject to fees
  • Contact David (HO) Mattson with any further questions


Men’s Open

  1. HLM

Men’s D

  1. Da Squad
  2. Ambush
  3. Wiseguys
  4. Good Times
  5. Colorado Freeze
  6. RRF
  7. Heart of the Rockies / Hilo Customs

Men’s E

  1. Misfits
  2. Plain White T’s
  3. 4TF / Springs
  4. Punch N Judy
  5. B.O.S.

Women’s Open

  1. CBT


  1. Velocity


  1. Mile High Club
  2. DSD
  3. Hit men


12 + 15 =

All teams must be registered with WSL sanction.

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