The Big Chill

February 1


Welcome to the the 1st tournament of the 2020 SoCo Sport WSL season. This will be a 1-day event and will be limited to 18 teams total. Temperatures need to be above freezing with little to no snow on the field. This will be a double elimination event. Cost will be $275 per team 2 Softballs will be provided with paid entry.

Men’s Upper and Lower will be offered.

No more than 1 rostered “C” player may play the Lower Division per team (With prior permission)

55 minute game times. 20/15/10 run rule.


  •  WSL Sanction fee MUST be paid before first game ($45)
  • All 2013 ASA and 2012 USSSA stamped bats are OK
  • Worth Gold Dot WSL 44/400 balls ONLY
  • Entry deadline is noon on the Wednesday prior to tournament
  • Teams who drop after entry deadline are subject to fees
  • Contact David (HO) Mattson or Fredrick (TJ) Taijeron with any further questions



  1. Flip’s Crew / Elite Roll Off
  2. Da Squad
  3. HPM Worldwide
  4. Smoke / Complete / Top Notch / Next Level
  5. Guzzlers
  6. Homebridge
  7. Heart of the Rockies



  1. Misfits
  2. Ambush
  3. Red Rum
  4. OutKast’s
  5. Bad Hombres
  6. NDNP
  7. Prestige
  8. B.O.S.
  9. 4TF / Springs
  10. LG20
  11. Super Bloopers
  12. JAC’D
  13. Alliance / Scrap Iron
  14. Asylum



All teams must be registered with WSL sanction.

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