South Side Rumble SOCO NIT

JUNE 22 + 23


South Side SOCO/WSL NIT June 22-23.  You can expect a 2 Day event potentially this weekend.  Men’s C, Men’s D, Men’s E, will be a Double Elimination, 55 minute game times and 20/15/10 Run Rule after 3/4/5.  The tournaments will require a minimum of 6 teams per division and favorable forecast throughout the week prior. Coed to be played on Sunday.

This event could carry into Sunday if volume is high, we will see how many teams we get.

Tournament will be held on at Sky View Sports Complex. The WSL Sanction Fee for 2019 will be $45 per team, per year with WSL and must be paid prior to your first event.

The entry deadline will be the Wednesday prior to the tournament start date @ noon.

This will be a NIT no more than 2 players from one division higher authorized. No player can bump down 2 divisions.

Home-run limit
E-2 then inning ender
D-5 then outs
C-8 then outs

-All 2013 ASA and 2012 USSSA Stamped Bats are OK
-Worth Gold Dot WSL Stamped 44/400 balls only



Brackets will be posted the Thursday prior.

MEN’S Upper

  1. Valhalla SBC / Worthey Automotive
  2. SCH vol.3
  3. Peterson AFB
  4. Flips Crew
  5. Touchdown / TD’s


  1. Angel Armor / Damage Factory
  2. Chaos
  3. AMU / Kush Athletics
  4. Guzzlers
  5. 4TF / Springs


  1. Creative Misfits
  2. Good Times
  3. 4TF / Colorado
  4. Heavy Hitters
  5. Wiseguys
  6. Prestige
  7. AMU / REC
  8. Alliance / Scrap Iron
  9. Asylum
  10. Laser Show
  11. Lefties Tattoo
  12. WU Clan

CO-ED Upper

  1. Imperials
  2. FBM
  3. Valkyrie
  4. Tu Madre

CO-ED Lower

  1. Lethal Vengeance
  2. No Control
  3. Hitmen SBC
  4. Ruff Ryders
  5. DLH
  6. Peligrosos
  7. Frog A Lot
  8. Pitch Please
  9. Suicide Squad