SOCO De Mayo

MAY 4 + 5


Welcome to the 1st Annual SOCO De Mayo tournament. This will be a fun tournament with games and raffles available. SOCO De Mayo shirts and a first time Softball style pinata breaking competition.  A 50/50 pot with a pinata on a pitchers screen break the pinata breaks the bank. Rules will be put out day of the tournament.

We are expecting a nice turnout for this event. Expect a 3GG if possible & 60 minute games for all divisions.  Cost for this event will be $325 for CoED And Men’s (Plus all teams must Sanction with WSL online), Balls will be for sale at $60 a dozen or $5 per ball. ONLY WSL GOLD DOT 44/400 balls will be allowed.

Men’s will be Saturday only, event may sell out, please enter early.

The SOCO De Mayo will be Saturday and Sunday, May4th & 5th at Sky View Sports Complex. The entry deadline will be Wednesday, May 1st at 12pm(noon) – Contact TJ 719-338-7516 or David at 719-205-3756 to register.

Team withdrawal after 12 (noon) wednesday  May 1st will be charged $125 prior to playing any other SOCO event.

OPEN – 8 HOMERUNS, D – 4 HR then outs, E -2 then INNING ENDER.

Credit Card Payments Accepted ($13 surcharge) over the phone or at the field
PayPal to

1.20 Thumbprint Stamps bats only.
Only Worth Gold Dots 44/400 are good for play.

SKYVIEW RULE REMINDERS: Dogs okay on leash. Skyview is a Beer Garden and drinking inside the gates is permitted. Parking lot drinking or open containers outside the gates are prohibited. YOU MUST BUY BEER AT SKYVIEW. COOLERS FULL OF YOUR OWN BEER INSIDE IS PROHIBITED.




Brackets will be posted the Thursday prior.






  1. Prestige
  2. Heavy Hitters
  3. Rain or Shine
  4. Bad Hombres
  5. Good Times
  6. Asylum
  7. 4TF / Springs
  8. Valley Swag


  1. Imperials
  2. Anarchy


  1. DB&G
  2. Lucky Dueces
  3. Hitmen SBC
  4. Ruff Ryder’s
  5. Suicide Squad
  6. Alcoballics
  7. Pitch Please
  8. Peligrosos
  9. Galaxy Kittenz