Remember The Fallen - Men's Dual

MAY 25 + 26


Remember the Fallen Tournament May 25th & 26th. Colorado Springs is surrounded by a military influence. This is SOCO paying respect to those that serve as well as those that gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country. We will have a moment of silence and a salute the troops ceremony for this event.

We are expecting a nice turnout for this 2-Day Event. This will be a men’s 2-day event, coed will take place Monday the 27th of May. Expect a 3GG if possible & 55 minute games for all divisions.  Cost for this event will be $375 for CoED And Men’s (Plus all teams must Sanction with WSL online), Balls will be for sale at $60 a dozen or $5 per ball. ONLY WSL GOLD DOT 44/400 balls will be allowed.

The Remember the Fallen will be Saturday and Sunday, April 25th & 26th at Sky View Sports Complex. We expect to sell this event out quickly so get your teams in early. The entry deadline will be Wednesday, May 22nd at 12pm(noon) – Contact TJ 719-338-7516 or David at 719-205-3756 to register.

Team withdrawal after 12 (noon) wednesday  22th May will be charged $125 prior to playing any other SOCO event.

OPEN – 8 HR, D – 5  HR then outs, E -2 then INNING ENDER.

Credit Card Payments Accepted ($13 surcharge) over the phone or at the field
PayPal to

New 1.20 Thumbprint Stamps only.
Only Worth Gold Dots 44/400 are good for play.

SKYVIEW RULE REMINDERS: Dogs okay on leash. Skyview is a Beer Garden and drinking inside the gates is permitted. Parking lot drinking or open containers outside the gates are prohibited. YOU MUST BUY BEER AT SKYVIEW. COOLERS FULL OF YOUR OWN BEER INSIDE IS PROHIBITED.





Brackets will be posted the Thursday prior.


  1. The Program (TX)
  2. Valhalla SBC / Worthey Automotive
  3. SCH
  4. Golden Eagle
  5. All Phase Construction


  1. Chaos
  2. Rampage (OK)
  3. Ragin Rhinos
  4. Heart of the Rockies
  5. Wiseguys
  6. T21
  7. Guzzlers
  8. Red Rum
  9. Damage Factory
  10.  The Mistekas
  11. Asylum
  12. 4TF / SBS


  1. Prestige
  2. Gonzalez Softball
  3. Heavy Hitters
  4. Good Times
  5. 4TF / Springs
  6. AMU / REC
  7. Blazers (NM)
  8. Black Shirts


  1. The Program (TX)
  2. Valhalla SBC / Worthey Automotive
  3. SCH
  4. Golden Eagle
  5. All Phase Construction
  6. Chaos
  7. Rampage (OK)
  8. Ragin Rhinos
  9. Heart of the Rockies
  10. Wiseguys
  11. T21
  12. Guzzlers
  13. Red Rum
  14. Damage Factory
  15.  The Mistekas
  16. Asylum
  17. 4TF / SBS
  18. Prestige
  19. Gonzalez Softball
  20. Heavy Hitters
  21. Good Times
  22. 4TF / Springs
  23. AMU / REC
  24. Blazers (NM)
  25. Black Shirts