Brackets will be posted the Thursday prior.


SoCo Sport Inc is excited to launch the 2019 softball season with the Ice Breaker Series. The series will will consist of four Men’s and COED slow pitch softball tournaments throughout February and early March at SkyView Sports Complex. These Men’s COMP, D, & E events will feature a Minimum Double Elimination, 6 Home Runs in Comp, 4 HR & outs in D, 2 HR inning ender for E, and 55 minute time limit, 20/15/10 run rule, with a single umpire for $300. The tournaments will require a minimum of 6 teams and favorable forecast throughout the week prior.

Leg IV of the Ice Breaker series will be Saturday, March 9 & 10 at Sky View Sports Complex. The entry deadline will be Wednesday at 5pm – Contact David (HO) to register.

  • Money ball will be offered for $10 a ball. One can be used per game. Must be purchased prior to game starting. Money ball is worth double the runs for that at bat scored. (Score 2 runs with the money ball those 2 runs are worth 4 runs) If money ball hitter is walked it is automatically a double and the money ball can be used again later in the game.

*NOTE: There will be no makeup date on Sunday.

*All Bats must be clearly marked with 1.20 BPF (Bat Performance Factor) or less on bats prior to the New ASA & USSSA Stamps from 2012*.
*Hit your Own Balls. Must be Worth Gold Dots or any 44/400 WSL*

SoCo Sport is partnered with WSL. The WSL sanction fee for 2019 will be $45 per team. Please register prior to first event.


MARCH 9 + 10

Men’s COMP: 6 HR & Outs

  1. Peterson
    2.Blacklisted/ Rocky Mountain Pizzeria
    3.Denver Stars
    4.flips crew / elite roll off
    6. Infamous
    7. Overrated
    8. #TAG
  2. 9. Team HPM/ Reliant
  3. 10. Smoke
  4. 11. DAB
  5. 12. Touchdown/ TD’s
    COED Upper


Men’s D: 4 HR & Outs

1.Hail Mary
3. Ambush

Coed Lower

  1. Bat Attitudes

Men’s E 2HR inning ender

1. Prestige
2.I’d Hit That
3. Alliance/Scrap Iron
5.4TF rolling plains
6. Asylum
7. Inferno/ Ambush
8. Disorderly Conduct