SoCo Sport Inc is ready to kick off the 2014 slow pitch softball season with the Spring Swing! Originally the Spring Swing was advertised as a two day tournament on 19-20 April. However, with Easter being on 20 April this tournament will be limited to Saturday 19 April only, and will feature Men's Upper, Men's Lower and Women's divisions of play. This tournament will be the first of the SoCo Series 7 softball tournaments and teams will begin to accumulate points over the series and compete for the SoCo Series 7 purse to be handed out after SoCo Classic - NIT. The registration cost is $300 and the deadline is Wednesday 16 April at 6pm - Contact Anthony Shockley at 719-310-1003 / anthony.shockley@socosport.com to register.


World Softball League Sanction Tournament - ALL TEAM MUST REGISTER WITH WSL: WSL REGISTRATION
The WSL Rule book is in the resources section in the menu above. Pitching Rule Option #2 will be used - 4' to 10' with Juking/Faking, 53' to 56' within the width of the pitching rubber for delivery. 3 balls and 2 strikes with a courtesy foul will be used. 1 courtesy runner per inning may be used and it will be the last out. 4 Home Runs will be used for Men's Open and Women's, any fair batted ball over the fence after the 4 Home Run limit will be an out. All bats must have a current USSSA or ASA stamp. Men's Upper and Lower combined for Men's Open and will be a 3GG while Women's Open will begin with 2 games of pool play (link to pool play schedule is above the bracket) then they will play a single elimination bracket.



  1. Robot Chickens
  2. Chingo Bling
  3. Acme Pawn
  4. Guzzler's
  5. HMD
  6. Dawgz
  7. Rhino's
  8. Nightmare
  9. Good Company
  10. Swinging Richards
  11. Avodah
  12. Twisters


  1. Fo Sho
  2. The Sandlot
  3. Make It A Double
  4. Ballers
  5. Fort Carson