JUNE 23RD - 24TH

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Next Up, The South Side Rumble NIT.  If you win, You may choose a destination to your liking outside of the state and we will pay for the event and give the winning teams some travel money as well. Subsequent Prize Package can be made in place of the berth if the team wishes. Berths WILL NOT be handed down and travel money will be forfeited in this case. We will be offering Men’s on Saturday into Sunday.

Mens will be guaranteed one day event on Saturday and entries will be limited because of it.

Men’s COMP (5 HR), Men’s REC (3 HR & IE), COED (4 HR IF COMBINED).  Expect Double Elimination and 65 minute games for Comp & Rec, Cost for this event will be $325 FOR ALL DIVSISIONS (Plus 1x Sanction fee online $25 IF NOT Registered yet), you will receive 2 balls upon entry in Men’s and more will be for sale at $50 a dozen or $5 per ball Composite Cover for this tournament.

Coed will be 3GG if combined and Double Elimination if we can keep it separate this weekend.  Expect 60 minute game times.  Minimum of 8 teams per division for Berth.

This event will be seeded based on Wins, Tournaments Played in, Winning % ect… Give or take 1 or 2 spots up or down, (It’s never perfect) based on your season totals up to this point. Game Times will be what they are, plan on playing at 8AM if you don’t have much of a resume no matter where you are coming from.

The entry deadline will be Wednesday, June 20th at 5pm – Contact Ken at 719-229-6720 or to register.

Please make Checks to ‘All-Tourney Sports’. Credit Card Payments ($10 Fee) And PayPal are accepted. Call me for details on these other forms of payment.

*All Bats must be clearly marked with a NEW ASA or USSSA Thumbprint


Brackets out after 6PM on Wednesday, June 20th


1. Jax Sports Grille (Garden City, KS)
2. Integrity EPC/Chaos
3. Team Green
4. AMU/Kush Athletics
5. Rocky Mountain Cartel
6. Denver Stars
7. Team Carson
8. CO Prime
9. SP Bombers
10. Blacklisted
11. SSAUCE (Albuquerque, NM)
12. #bottomsup
13. MIA (Greeley, CO)
14. I.D.M.

Berth or Cash Out
3 All Tourney

2nd Place:
2 All Tourney


1. CO Prestige
2. Oldballs
3. Hitmen
4. Rack Pack
5. All Mixed Up
6. Smokin’ Bases
7. Heavy Hitters
8. Alliance/Scrap Iron
9. Good Times
10. Hitless Squad
11. Dad Bodz
12. Wiseguys
13. CO Misfits

Berth or Cash Out
3 All Tourney

2nd Place:
2 All Tourney

-Most of Rec will start on F5 and F6 in the morning.  Plan ahead and come see me prior to playing to handle payment and to pick up a roster.  You will be able to turn in your roster to Don (UIC) on the island so you don’t have to come back twice.


1. Flaming Turtles (R)
2. AMU CoED (R)
3. Brew Crew (R)
4. Hitmen SBC (R)
5. No Control (R)
6. Baskit K’z (R)
7. Anarchy (C)
8. Keepin’ It Leisure (R)
9. Peligrosos CoED (R)
10. Nemesis (C)
11. Dirty Mike’s CoED (C)
12. Makavelli (C)
13. Village Idiots (C)
14. Last Minute (R)

Berth or Cash Out
2 All Tourney

2nd Place:

Consolation Winner

Tournament News

  • I can take about 28 Men’s teams with 65 minute games and may adjust to 1 hour games to fit in 30 teams if need be.
  • There will be NO LSR division for Coed since this is a NIT.  I will be revamping LSR after this event for the remainder of the year in coed now that we have a good track record with teams who are struggling a little more than others.