SoCo Sport Partners With WSL In Colorado Softball Tournaments

SoCo Sport is proud to partner with WSL-World Softball League:  SoCo Sport along with WSL will bring 4 Men’s and Co-Ed Slow Pitch Softball Tournaments to Colorado in 2013 and looks to add 4-6 more in 2014.  WSL is up and coming in the amateur sports arena and specializes in slow pitch softball.  WSL is based out of Lee, Florida and aims to takes softball to “The Next Level.”  In 2014 WSL will begin sanctioning and hosting girls fast pitch softball tournaments along with boy’s baseball tournaments and hopes to make its mark in those sports as well.  The fast moving organization is looking to surpass the “big name” associations in amateur softball to include ASA, USSSA, and NSA.  SoCo Sport is excited to bring WSL to Colorado and the region and will take part in the opportunities WSL provides with all sports including Slow Pitch Softball, Girls Fast Pitch Softball and Boys Baseball.  Look for SoCo Sport Softball Tournaments to be your teams way to WSL regional and national events.  SoCo Sport’s first WSL Softball Tournament, MAYDAY I, will be 4-5 May 2013 at Sky View Sports Complex in Colorado Springs, CO.  Visit for more details.

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