SoCo Sport Inc/WSL Suspensions Retracted – Effective 10 October 2015

Effective 10 October 2015 SoCo Sport Inc/WSL will retract the suspensions for Big 10/Team Wager, CTR, Raul Andino, Mike Manzanares and Jimmy Twiss that were put in place as a result of the incidents that occurred on 11 July 2015.

SoCo Sport Inc/WSL reminds all players, coaches and fans that any participation in fighting at SoCo Sport Inc/WSL events will result in a 180 day suspension (1st offense), 1 year suspension (2nd offense) for those involved whether it is a team or individual. SoCo Sport Inc along with WSL aims to foster a competitive tournament environment for slow pitch softball in Colorado. However, fighting, threatening or general behavior that compromises the competitive environment we aim to foster cannot be tolerated.

Furthermore, SoCo Sport Inc looks to finish out the 2015 season with the great sportsmanship we have seen throughout the majority of the year with three remaining events. Ken and Anthony hope to build on the comraderie that has developed among teams, players, families and fans throughout this successful year in 2016. Thanks to all that support the growth and development of Southern Colorado Softball in all aspects to include the top notch Colorado Springs facilities and support at Sky View, the umpires from Rocky Mountain Sports Officials, WSL and primarily the players that compete each and every week.

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