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SoCo Sport Inc is excited to launch the 2018 softball season with the Ice Breaker Series. The series will will consist of four Men’s and 1 COED slow pitch softball tournaments throughout January, February and early March at SkyView Sports Complex. These Men’s COMP & REC events will feature a Minimum Double Elimination, 5 Home Runs in Comp, 3 HR & Inning Ender in Rec and 55 minute time limit, 20/16/12 run rule, with a single umpire for $275. The tournaments will require a minimum of 6 teams and favorable forecast throughout the week prior.  Zero balls will be provided during the Ice Breakers

Leg I of the Ice Breaker series will be Saturday, January 20-21 at Sky View Sports Complex. The entry deadline will be Wednesday, January 18th at 5pm – Contact Ken at 719-229-6720 or to register.

*All Bats must be clearly marked with 1.20 BPF (Bat Performance Factor) or less on bats prior to the New ASA & USSSA Stamps from 2012*.
*Hit your Own Balls. Must be Worth Gold Dots or any 44/375 ASA*

The SoCo Sport Sanction Fee for 2018 will be $25 per team, per year and must be paid at your first event.

We are looking for Temperatures to be in the Mid to Upper 40’s Minimum for a high and dry conditions to play. Double Elimination Bracket for now.  We won’t have COED this weekend so Sunday will be utilized if Saturday temps or weather doesn’t look good.

Business Checks made out to ‘All-Tourney Sports’
PayPal- Friend & Family to ‘’
Credit Cards over the phone (+$10 fee)
Credit Cards @ the Field (+$10 fee)


Brackets will be out after 6PM

MEN’S COMP – 5 HR & Outs

1.  Thin Air (Ft. Collins, CO)
2.  RPM (Canon City, CO)
3.  Christina’s (Denver, CO)
4.  Blacklisted (Denver, CO)
5.  The Crew/Team Micah
6.  Colorado Xpress (Vail, CO)
7.  Colorado Steel

Winner – Klutch Hoodies x12

New Season – New Division Structure

I wanted to address the divisions for 2018 and what you can expect with play. Below is a outline of what I am thinking this season out of the new division names.

Competitive (COMP) Middle D – Upper C
Recreational (REC) Middle E – Low D
Leisure (LSR) Seniors/League Teams – Low E

I won’t recognize a ‘B’ Division in 2018. For the Local Teams, I believe Homebridge is the only left and won’t be able to play as a full team down here.  You can pick up individually however.  Any CO ‘B’ team in state, (As a full team) I won’t be able to accommodate in 2018.


Unless LSR is being offered by itself which will happen around 8 times in 2018, I expect the LSR teams to play Rec on every other weekend it is not offered.  You will notice there is not a LSR division for NITS or State.  The Ice Breaker series and the late season Charity events won’t have LSR either to accommodate teams in 2 divisions during the early/late season tournaments with little daylight.

LSR is for the players who are NEW to tournaments, beginners of the game or teams who need to establish some confidence and try to get better.  HR Rule in LSR will be 1 & Inning Ender.  The combination of playing both REC and LSR will allow your team a chance to not only get better, but also prepared for playing more established teams, remaining competitive and eventually leaving LSR all together.

If you have questions about what division your team is in, just call or text me.  If you haven’t been able to succeed in E, with several tournaments played in 2017 in any sanctioning body, LSR might be a good fit for your team.



1. Top Gun (Canon City, CO)
2. Peligrosos
3. I’d Hit That
4. AMU
5. Altitude Sickness
6. CO Prestige
7. B.O.S.
8. NoCo Debo FA (Denver, CO)

Winner – Klutch Hoodies x12

Tournament Updates

Wednesday 3:15PM – Double Elim for this first one guys.  Not quite enough daylight right now for anything else.  It’s going to get cold really fast after the sun goes down with this front moving in with a lot of wind so.  I’m glad we could get this to go with halfway decent temps during the day.

55 Minute Games (Championship 60 Minutes)
9AM Start