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The 2017 SoCo State Championship is what you play all year to win. It's a Double Elimination format in (E), 3GG in (D/C), with 70 Minute games in Both Divisions & a 25, 20, 15 Run Rule through 3, 4, & 5 Innings in Upper. E Run Rule will be the standard 20/16/12. Most, if not all the games should go a full 7 Innings besides the 35-33 shootouts in Upper. It's an extremely hard event to win especially for E teams with the HR rule and something you and your team should be very proud of if you do. 1 bad game can send you home and 1 great game can win you a SoCo State Championship. For 1 weekend a year, leave it out on the field and have no regrets, it’s the end of the season and this is the Playoffs so to speak.

Entry for this event will be $325 and I would expect 'E' to go into Sunday. You can contact Ken Reynolds @ 719-229-6720 to enter or You will receive 2 balls with entry. Deadline to enter this event is 4PM, Wednesday, August 23rd.

Payment Methods:
Credit Card ($10 Fee)
PayPal Friends & Family

The ‘E’ State Champion will be bumped to 'D' Starting September 1st, 2017. An appeal can be made with me on June 1st, 2018 back to E with an acceptable body of work in-between that time. Good Luck to all of you playing this weekend.


MEN’S D/C STATE: 5 HR & Outs

CLOSED: Finish on Saturday.

1. Olympus#
2. Wingstop
3. Chaos
4. CO Showstoppers
5. Flight** (Montrose, CO)
6. SCH/Silverton Liquor
7. OldBalls
8. Filthy Monsters
9. No Drama
10. HB/Goat Patch/Accoy*

*Pending Roster Approval
***League Qualifer



1. RBoyz#
2. The Crew (La Junta, CO)
3. Alcoholics Anonymous**
4. CO Hitmen
5. One Hit Wonders
6. Hotheads
7. No Glove, No Love (Monte Vista, CO)
8. Bestway Trash Slingers**
9. KI/Farmers Insurance
10. All Mixed Up
11. Honey Badgers
12. Disposable Heroes
13. Rally Cats
14. CO Mayhem
15. Swamp Donkey's/Curtis Electric
16. Peligrosos
17. Wiseguys
18. 21 Gunz
19. Free Basers
20. RedRum
21. Legion (CO Attitude)
22. Woodman Valley Chapel***

*Pending Roster Approval
***League Qualifer

State Updates:

MENS' C/D Champion will receive:
-State Championship Trophy
-State Championship Pull-Overs
-MVP x1
-All-Tourney x3


MEN'S E Champion will receive:
-State Championship Trophy
-State Championship Pull-Overs
-MVP x1
-All-Tourney x3

Runner Up 2nd Place:
Free Entry into any remaining 2017 SoCo Tournaments (Besides SoCo Cash) NO CASH VALUE
MVP x1


We are into Sunday in Men's E guaranteed now. I am expecting anywhere from 6-10 teams returning on Sunday to finish up pending final numbers. For those of you who can't wait to watch the Mayweather/McGregor fight Saturday evening, last games in E will be @ 6PM. Upper has a 6PM Championship with 7:15 IF GAME.


Expect longer then normal wait times in E this weekend especially in the morning if you lose your first game. It will pick back up in the afternoon. We have a lot of teams on 6 fields with Upper getting the priority to finish in one day. The good news is, 5 teams will start at 1PM, 3 teams will start at 11:45AM if nothing changes