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The 2017 SoCo State Championships is what you play all year to win. It's a Double Elimination format, with 60 Minute games in Both Divisions. CoED Run Rule will be the standard 20/16/12. 1 bad game can send you home and 1 great game can win you a SoCo State Championship. For 1 weekend a year, leave it out on the field and have no regrets, it’s the end of the season and this is the Playoffs so to speak.

In the event we have to Combine D & E.
-3GG Bracket
-D Spots E 3 Runs Per Game
-3 HR Total per game.

Entry for this event will be $300 and we will be done on Saturday guaranteed. You can contact Ken Reynolds @ 719-229-6720 to enter or You will receive 2 Men's balls with entry. Women's balls will be provided. Deadline to enter this event is 4PM, Wednesday, September 27th.

Payment Methods:
Credit Card ($10 Fee)
PayPal Friends & Family
Check (Made out to 'All-Tourney Sports')



With 8 Teams or Less:
Champion = State Championship Pullovers

With 9+ Teams:
Top E Finisher = Long Sleeve Miken Dri-Fits by Klutch

(Note: If a E team wins this event, the Top Finishing D Team will get the shirts w/ 9+ teams entered)

CoED D/E: HR = 3 & Outs


1. All My Pitches
2. Designated Drinkers
3. Ball Breakers
4. No Control
5. What If's
6. Pikes Peak CoED
7. Monster SBC
8. Remax/Peak Performance
9. Caution

**League Qualifer

CoED State Championship

In the event we have to Combine D & E.

-3GG Bracket
-D Spots E 3 Runs Per Game
-3 HR Total per game then Outs