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Launching the Daylight Savings Smash for Cash this weekend. Men’s COMP & REC & LSR events will feature a Minimum Double Elimination, 1 Home Run & IE  in Leisure, 3 HR Inning Ender in Rec, 5 HR & Outs in Comp, 55 minute time limit, 20/16/12 run rule, with a single umpire till the Semi Finals for $300.  Same HR’s in Coed on Sunday.  The tournaments will require a minimum of 6 teams in each division to not combine and favorable forecast throughout the week prior.

Cash Prize only this weekend. This will be a double elimination event WINNER TAKE ALL. You will be rewarded with a better cash prize playing better competition this weekend if you win the tournament. Event must sell out for cash prize listed.

Comp Payout= $550 (8 Teams Entered)
Rec Payout= $450 (8 Team Entered)
Lsr Payout= $350 (8 Team Entered)

Coed on Sunday will be the same. We will offer 2 Divisions of 8 teams each, Double Elimination Formats. Event must sell out for cash prize listed.

Day Light Savings Smash for Cash will be Saturday, March 10-11 at Sky View Sports Complex. The entry deadline will be Wednesday, March 7th at 5pm – Contact Ken at 719-229-6720 or to register.

*All Bats must be clearly marked with 1.20 BPF (Bat Performance Factor) or less on bats prior to the New ASA & USSSA Stamps from 2012*.
*Hit your Own Balls. Must be Worth Gold Dots or any 44/375 ASA*

The SoCo Sport Sanction Fee for 2018 will be $25 per team, per year and must be paid at your first event.

We are looking for Temperatures to be in the Mid to Upper 40’s Minimum for a high and dry conditions to play. Double Elimination Brackets.


Brackets will be out after 6PM - 3/7/18


1. Flight (Montrose, CO)
2. Integrity EPC/Chaos
3. Colorado Prime
4. Peterson AFB
5. SPB
6. RM Cartel

6 Teams
1st = $400


1. Wiseguys
2. Killer Instinct/Farmers Ins
3. Peligrosos
4. Altitude Sickness
5. AMU
6. B.O.S.
7. Hitmen
8. CO Prestige

8 Teams:
1st = $450

Men’s LSR:

1. Good Times (50+)
2. Alliance/The Collective (50+)
3. CO Twisters (Lamar, CO)
4. Dad Bodz
5. DSB
6. I’d Hit That
7. Top Gun

7 Teams:
1st = $325

Note:  Senior Teams.  The question has been asked, can you use your Senior Bats?  No.  You must use normal USSSA or ASA Stamped Bats for these events.

COED Sunday:

1. Makavelli (C)
2. Nemesis (C)
3. Flaming Turtles (L)
4. Suicide Squad (Denver, CO) (R)
5. Brew Crew (L)
6. Lucky Charms (L)
7. Peligrosos CoED (R)
8. AMU CoED (R)
9. No Control (R)

(C) vs. (R) = 3 run spot
(C) vs. (L) = 6 run spot
(R) vs. (L) = 3 run spot

9 Teams:
1st = $375
2nd= $150