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Welcome to the 8th Annual ‘Richie’! Big Richie Lambiase was the long time manager for Acme Pawn in the 90’s and 2000’s. Richie passed away in July, 2010 and he will always be remembered for his legendary antics, east coast personality, and passionate character. He loved the game of softball and we are proud to honor him again this year under the SoCo Sport umbrella.

We will be offering Men’s Open, Men’s D and Men’s E divisions now with a 20/16/12 Run Rule after 3,4,5. The possibility of combining divisions will exist however. I am expecting a nice turnout for this one and a 2 Day Event for men’s could be possible. Expect a Double Elim or 3GG if possible & 55 minute games for D & E. 70 Minute Games for Open and a 3GG. Cost for this event will be $300 for CoED And $325 for Men’s D & E and Men’s Open (Plus 1x Sanction fee online $25 IF NOT Registered yet), you will receive 2 balls upon entry and more will be for sale at $50 a dozen or $5 per ball Composite Cover.

Coed will be Sunday only, cost is $300 (Plus 1x Sanction Fee Online $25 IF NOT registered yet). 55 Minute Games and you will receive 2 Men’s balls, Women’s will be provided. Additional balls for sale at $50 A dozen or $5 per ball Composite Cover. HR = 3 Total per team.

The 7th Annual Richie will be Saturday and Sunday, April 8th & 9th at Sky View Sports Complex. The entry deadline will be Wednesday, April 5th at 5pm – Contact Ken at 719-229-6720 or ken.reynolds@socosport.com to register.

Please make Checks to ‘All-Tourney Sports’.
Credit Card Payments Accepted ($10 surcharge) over the phone or at the field
PayPal to acmesoftball@yahoo.com.

2012 USSSA Stamps and 2013 ASA Stamped Bats only.

SKYVIEW RULE REMINDERS: Dogs okay on leash. Skyview is a Beer Garden and drinking inside the gates is permitted. Parking lot drinking or open containers outside the gates are prohibited. YOU MUST BUY BEER AT SKYVIEW. COOLERS FULL OF YOUR OWN BEER INSIDE IS PROHIBITED.

Strong possibility this will be a 2-Day event with 70 minute games for Men’s Open. 3GG for both divisions and likely 2 Day event for Lower. 55 Minute Games for CoED & Men’s D/E, 3GG.


Coed- $300
Men’s E – $300
Men’s Open & D – $325

The 7th Annual Richie Lambiase Tournament

Men's 'D' Division will be the float and may combine based on need.


1. Wingstop
2. SCH/Silverton Liquor
3. HB/Goat Patch/Accoy
4. #BottomsUp (Littleton, CO)
5. Thin Air (Ft. Collins, CO)
6. Olympus
7. Old Balls/M.E.S.T.
8. Filthy Monsters
9. RBoyz
10. CO Softball
11. Mudcats
12. Chaos

Open Prize- 3GG

Double Elim into Consolation.
-70 Minute Games Main Bracket
-60 Minute Games Consolation Bracket
$325 Per Team

I am going to customize a 13 team bracket where Open and D won't meet till the Semi Finals on the winners side and the losers side of the bracket. I want to thank Mudcats and Filthy Monsters for both volunteering to play up this weekend. Going to give the Nod to Mudcats as the 6th team on the Open side. Open will be a 1 day event guaranteed

Based on 12 Teams:
Top Open Winner - $350
Top D Winner - $350
Consolation Winner- Case of Beer


1. Wiseguys
2. Pikes Peak SBC
3. Schriever Sentinals
4. All Mixed Up
5. Hotheads
6. Colorado Mayhem
7. Colorado Hitmen
8. Peligrosos
9. Rhino's
10. Midlife Crisis
11. RedRum
12. The Enforcers
13. Death Row

E Prize – Double Elim

Looking for a couple more E teams. I am going to take 13 max to finish up in one day.
60 Minute games
Double Elim
$300 Per Team

Based on 13 Teams:
1st Place= 9 Flip Washington USSSA Combats
2nd Place= 12 Flip Washington Combat Dri Fits

Double Elimination Format in E:
Been getting questioned on why it's double elimination. A few reasons. First it allows us to finish in one day, Second, this is a premier event and If I didn't combine D with Open they would have had Double Elim too. NIT's, State, 4TF, & The Richie are all premier events. Third, Double Elim makes you better and allows me to see who is winning these tougher events. April 15th is combined with D and you will get 3GG then.

It's about playing hard, getting better, moving up. That is the goal of the E division. Its your starting point, not the place you are supposed to sit for years and years. I am going to be more aggressive with Auto Bumps this year because you don't belong there if you are taking Top 3 each weekend. Young or newly established teams and 45+ year olds should be in E. Some of you have been there a long time and can't get over the .500 hump, that means you aren't getting better unfortunately. I dropped the price from $325 to $300 anticipating more teams then we got for the $1000+ prize package I offered so, come out and play hard Saturday. 10 years ago it was all Double Elimination, be happy you are spoiled these days at most events

Starting on F5 & F6

E teams starting on F5 & F6 this weekend need to come see me before you start play in the morning to handle payment and rosters. We are starting at 9AM, so please give yourself enough time to come over into the main complex and handle business. I won't be starting games over on those fields until you do.