Thank you for supporting SoCo Softball!

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Fair-Well and Good-Bye

Thank you for another amazing year with SoCo.  With the significant decrease in volume, we have decided to shut it down in 2018.

It’s with a heavy heart that I will announce my departure from Slow-pitch softball. This game has enveloped my life since I was 19 and I have decided 20 years has been long enough. If I had 1 regret at all, it was how difficult it has been keeping up with the changing pace of this game and creating enough valid interest in the Southern Half of this state outside of Colorado Springs.  I also regret not being able to control the lack of loyalty that is displayed at all levels these days. You can’t get better if you don’t stay together and the amount of people who don’t get along with each other these days is astounding. You the client, make this game whatever it is, not the directors who run the program. What is being put into the game is what you get out of it and I think everyone who plays softball could start to do a better job respecting each other, the umpires, your directors, and the game itself a little more. In the end, I lost my passion for the game and the people who support it because of this.

I did all I could for this city in regards to softball. I feel like the game is where it should of been 10-15 years ago, now. We went from a handful of tournaments a year being offered in town to playing pretty much every weekend, locally.  That was all I ever wanted, to stop commuting to play this game.  That was the original goal I set out on when I first started Directing and I certainly feel like I was able to accomplish that.

I wish David ‘Ho’ Mattson the very best in 2019 and beyond in what he is planning on bringing into this region. He has been here a long, long time and with a 15+ year relationship we have had, I am excited to see what he does with the program.  I already see positive changes taking place and everyone of you who play SoCo should be excited.

I want to thank the following People and Companies:

Bob Lantzy
Tony Shockley
Scott Cameron
Ernie Perez
Stu Remus
John Karagiannes
Joe Braun
Don Gasgill
Ian Rea
Shelly Rush
Dave Kagarise
Renee Ward
Ryan Reid
City of Colorado Springs P&R
Crunch Fitness
Master Image
Klutch Apparel
Swing Nation
And the countless number of Umpires who supported SOCO and all the teams and players that supported local softball first.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I wish you all the best!

Ken Reynolds