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Welcome to Opening Weekend and the official start of the 2018 Season. We will be offering 2 umpires per game (If Possible) at $300 per team. You can expect a 2 Day event potentially this weekend.  Men’s COMP events will feature a 3GG, 5-6 Home Runs, 55 minute time limit, 20/16/12 run rule. Men’s REC will be minimum Double Elimination, 3 HR and Inning Ender, 55 minute time limit, 20/16/12 run rule. The tournaments will require a minimum of 6 teams and favorable forecast throughout the week prior. Teams will receive 2 WSL Worth Gold Dots balls with entry.

Coed on Sunday.  I cannot promise No Conflict if Men’s turns into a 2 day event.

Opening Weekend will be held on March 24-25 at Sky View Sports Complex. The SoCo Sport Sanction Fee for 2017 will be $25 per team, per year and must be paid at your first event.

The entry deadline will be Wednesday, March 21st @ 4:00 PM Contact Ken @ 719.229.6720 or

-All 2013 ASA and 2012 USSSA Stamped Bats are OK
-Any ASA 44/375 softball or Worth Gold Dot is OK in play


Brackets will be out later this evening after 7PM. 3/21/18

MEN’S: 4 HR & Outs


1. Hitless Squad (La Junta, CO)
2. Integrity EPC/Chaos (C)
3. CO Prestige
4. Dad Bodz
5. Top Gun
6. DSB
7. Peligrosos
8. AMU
9. Altitude Sickness
10. Disposable Heroes
11. Good Times
12. Hitmen
13. 21 Gunz
14. The Beauties
15. The Crew (C)
16. Raiders (C)

(16 Teams Entered – Changes with less)
1st = Options + 1 MVP
Top Finishing REC team = $225 + 3 All-Tourneys
Consolation Winner = $75

(Note: If a Rec Team wins the tournament, they will receive 1st and Top Rec prize.)



1. Brew Crew (L)
2. Peligrosos CoED (R)
3. Flaming Turtles (L)
4. Makavelli (C)
5. No Control (R)
6. Hitmen SBC (R) (Denver, CO)
7. Bazkit K’z (L)
8. Lucky Charms (L)
9.  CSSC (C)
10. Nemesis (C)
11. AMU CoED (R)
12. What If’s (R)

(C) Spots (R) = 3 Runs Per Game
(R) Spots (L) = 3 Runs Per Game
(C) Spots (L) = 6 Runs Per Game

(12 Teams Entered – Changes with less)
1st = Options + 1 MVP
Top Finishing REC/LSR team = $150
Consolation Winner = $50

Tournament Notes:

  • Combining Men’s at this time.  The Comp Teams will Spot 3 runs per game and HR’s will be 4 & Outs this weekend across the board with 60 Minute games & a 3GG. Enjoy the no Inning Ender HR’s this Weekend Rec Teams!  First question will be about the LSR teams.  All Leisure entered in the REC division this weekend and that doesn’t change.  LSR was not offered, therefore you agreed to play as REC.  NO 2018 ROSTERED ‘B’ Players this weekend.  Any other adds come through me for approval off CO Prime.
  • I am also going to match CoED this Sunday with Men’s and allow 4 HR per game total and Outs.