SoCo Sport Inc Announces – Colorado Springs 2014 Slow Pitch Softball Tournaments

SoCo Sport Inc and WSL will be hosting nine slow pitch softball tournaments in Colorado Springs in 2014.  The first tournament will be the Spring Swing  on 19-20 April and will kick off the SoCo Series 7 softball tournaments and will finish up with the SoCo Classic – NIT on 30-31 August.  The SoCo Series 7 will include seven tournaments and teams will earn points throughout the series based on how high they finish and compete for the their share of the SoCo Series 7 cash purse.  The cash purse will take 7.77% of each entry fee and accumulate throughout the series.  For example a 10 team tournament would add  $233.10 to the purse ($300 x 7.77% x 10 teams = $233.10).  There will be Men’s Upper, Men’s Lower, Women’s and Co-Ed divisions of play throughout the SoCo Series 7 tournaments and each division will have a separate purse.  All teams competing in the SoCo Series 7 must register and sanction with WSL and enter their rosters online, rosters can be updated prior to the start of the tournament on location in accordance with the WSL rule book and director approval.  SoCo Series 7 points will be based on tournament finish and the Night Rider and SoCo Classic – NIT will be double point tournaments.  The 1st place team in each division will receive 77.7% of the divisions purse, 2nd place will take the remainder of the purse.  The points system for the SoCo Series 7 is listed below.

1st – 100 pts

2nd – 90 pts

3rd – 80 pts

4th – 70 pts

5th – 60 pts

6th – 50 pts

7th – 40 pts

8th – 30 pts

9th+ – 20 pts

Additionally, SoCo Sport Inc will bring two cash tournaments to Colorado Springs late in the season, the One Pitch and the 11 Inch – 11 Man, to enjoy the late season weather and have a good time playing slow pitch softball.  Information will be posted on each tournament as the tournament dates approach at .  Email questions to

*(prizes, dates, locations and formats subject to change and updated on

SoCo Sport Inc’s Colorado Crush Slow Pitch Softball Tournament Recap

Big Daddy D's - Champions Colorado Crush

Big Daddy D’s – Champions Colorado Crush

Big Daddy D’s named the champions at the Colorado Crush slow pitch softball tournament in Castle Rock, CO on 28 September 2013.  The team went undefeated and out dueled 10 Jerks and a Squirt in the championship to take the title.  The tournament had a good turn out on the late fall day that turned out to be a gorgeous for softball with nothing but sunshine and temperatures reaching the upper 60’s.  With 10 Jerks and a Squirt finishing second, they earned a trip to the championship by beating SoCo Softball Club by one run who finished third and SoCo had knocked out Fort Carson who finished in the fourth spot.

This was the last tournament of the year for SoCo Sport Inc’s inaugural 2013 slow pitch softball season.  We would like to thank all the teams that competed this year and hope to see everyone out next year in 2014.  The schedule for 2014 will be out in mid December and we hope to see a good group of teams compete in the SoCo Sport Series Seven in 2014.