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We introduced the Money Ball event as SoCo’s Unlimited Summer Homerun Tourney in 2016 and needless to say, it has become a staple. Men’s Comp & Rec will play on Saturday and we’ll do a 1 Pitch unlimited HR tourney.

No COED this weekend.  There is a Flag Football Tournament at Skyview on Sunday.

$275 entry, 3GG minimum. Men’s Comp & Rec will be separate pending numbers. No balls will be provided for this event besides the MoneyBall I will give you. They will be sold for $5 a piece or $50 per dozen. Only Worth Gold Dots 44/400 WSL Stamped Softballs will be permitted in play or ASA 44/375 Balls.

Games will be 7 innings or 45 minutes long. 1 Man umpire. Unlimited HR’s.

Simple Rules really:

Ball = Walk
Strike = Out
Foul= Out

Everything else in play is the result of the play.

Deadline to Register is July 18th @ 4PM.  Please contact Ken at 719-229-6720 to enter or


Brackets will be out after 6PM Wednesday, July 18th

Men’s: 1 Pitch Unlimited HR

1.  Chaos
2.  Wiseguys
3.  Diamond Studs
4.  Dirty Mike & The Boys
5.  MadCap Cartel
6.  Peterson AFB
7.  Oldballs
8.  Smokin’ Bases
9.  CO Prestige
10.  Public Enemy
11.  Rack Pack
12.  Heavy Hitters
13.  Dad Bodz
14.  Wraith (Aurora, CO)

8 and 6 doesn’t make a good bracket for Rec teams. I am going to have to split it up and run 3 Game Guarantee brackets for each division. Without Power Bracketing, it won’t be real fun for the Rec squads, they will just be sacrificial lambs out there with unlimited HR

Top finishing Comp and Rec team will receive Klutch shirts. This is by far the most fun event we host IMO.  I always run it right around the All-Star game as a mid season exhibition of sorts, try and have fun out there this weekend.  It’s a much needed change from the daily grind of softball hitting bombs all day gearing up for the 2nd half of the season.


Additional Notes

Couple questions about the format.

– The opposing pitchers will still pitch to the other team. You will not use your own pitcher to pitch to yourself. There is no advantage to hitting off of your own pitcher but the big disadvantage and what we have run into before is the pitcher not playing ANY kind of defense if he pitches to his own team. I rather avoid that scenario and it worked just fine running it standard last year. You want to throw strikes or at least something close enough to hit. Walks will absolutely kill you in this event.

– YOU CANNOT OWE MONEY, you can only win in regards to the Moneyball. There will be a money count chart next to the bracket to track how your team is doing in regards to it. Make sure the Umpire records what happened on the scorecard, that is the only way you will get credit.

– NO RUN SPOT this weekend. REC teams are automatic home team vs. COMP teams if we combine


MoneyBall Rules:

I will provide you with 1 Moneyball, it will be painted a different color on half of it. You will only get one moneyball for the day so don’t lose it.

– The team batting may use the MoneyBall once per game, anytime, to any player. There is no advantage to using it with runners on or with 0, 1, or 2 outs, doesn’t matter. The batter however will be given a real 1-1 count for that at bat. Normal Balls, Strike Count enforced. The following will happen for your team based on the glossary below.

Walk- $0
Single- $5
Double- $10
Homerun- $15
Triple- $20
Out- MINUS -$5
Strikeout- MINUS -$15
Foul Ball Out of play MINUS -$5 (Batter is Out no matter the count, Don’t have time to retrieve ball)

Your team can’t owe money at the end of the day if you go negative. You can only win money and obviously the more games you play the more chances you have to win. Errors will result in the outcome of the play. The OF drops the ball and runner reaches 3rd base, consider it a triple and your team just won $20. Groundball to SS, bad throw results in the runner taking 2nd, $10 win & ect……

I will be keeping track of the outcomes for the day as the Umpire must report what happened during that At Bat on the scorecard for your team. Make sure he does. Remember, the Batter/Runner must be safe after the Umpire calls Time. Trying to stretch Doubles into Triples and getting thrown out at 3rd or caught in a pickle more then likely will result in a Negative Dollar Amount for you. After the At Bat is over, switch the ball back out continue playing 1 Pitch. It’s a quick way to possibly make $40-$60+ for your squad.

I hope not to see defensive teams intentionally walking the players or pitching around them on purpose when the Moneyball is in play. The same can be done to you and it ruins the fun. Strategy obviously is involved, using the Moneyball in a crunch time situation may not be the best idea as walking a batter on purpose to create a force out late in the game may be the right play defensively. Use it wisely.