APRIL 7 - 8

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The first event in April will be called Kings of Spring and will be a all Men’s Event.  We will be offering 2 umpires per game (If Possible) at $300 per team. You can expect a 2 Day event potentially this weekend.  Men’s COMP, REC, & LSR will be a minimum Double Elimination, 60 minute game times and 20/16/12 Run Rule after 3/4/5.  The tournaments will require a minimum of 6 teams per division and favorable forecast throughout the week prior. Teams will receive 2 WSL Worth Gold Dots balls with entry.

This event could carry into Sunday if volume is high, we will see how many we get.

Opening Weekend will be held on April 7-8 at Sky View Sports Complex. The SoCo Sport Sanction Fee for 2017 will be $25 per team, per year and must be paid at your first event.

The entry deadline will be Wednesday, April 4th @ 4:00 PM Contact Ken @ 719.229.6720 or

-All 2013 ASA and 2012 USSSA Stamped Bats are OK
-Any ASA 44/375 softball or Worth Gold Dot 44/400 is OK in play

Director at the fields for this event will be Ian Rea.

Methods of Payment:
Check (Made out to Ian Rea)
PayPal (

Sounds like a Cash Prize this weekend from Ian.  TBD


Tournament Cancelled Due to Ice on Fields