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The El Paso County Showdown is the first NIT of the 2018 Season for SoCo Sport will be played on April 29th and 30th at Sky View Sports Complex. Men’s Comp & Men’s Rec, will compete on Saturday 28 April and CoEd will compete on Sunday 29 April. The entry fee for the NIT will be $325 for Men’s and $300 for Co-Ed (Plus the one time Sanction Fee Online $25 IF NOT registered yet).

1st Place – Paid Entry to Worlds of Your Choice + Travel Money based on Entries.
Winner Take All.

– Men’s Comp (65 Minute Games) Double Elimination
– Men’s REC (65 Minute Games) 3GG

– Men’s Comp – 6 HR’s then an Out
– Mens REC – 3 HR & IE

Expect a good turnout with the possibility of a 2 Day Event for Men’s. Teams will receive 2 balls upon entry and more will be for sale at $50 a dozen or $5 per ball Composite Cover (Hit Your Own Ball – ASA 44/375 or Worth Gold Dots 44/400).

– CoEd – 3 HR’s (total) then an Out

CoEd will be Sunday only, 60 Minute Game Times and a 20/16/12 Run Rule after 3rd, 4th and 5th inning respectively. Teams will receive 2 Men’s balls and Women’s will be provided. Additional balls for sale at $50 A dozen or $5 per ball Composite Cover (Hit Your Own Ball – Must be WSL Stamped).

The entry deadline is Wednesday 26 April at 5pm. Contact Ken & info@socosport.com or 719-229-6720 to enter.

2012 USSSA Stamps and 2013 ASA Stamped Bats only.

SKYVIEW RULE REMINDERS: Dogs okay on leash. Skyview is a Beer Garden and drinking inside the gates is permitted. Parking lot drinking or open containers outside the gates are prohibited. YOU MUST BUY BEER AT SKYVIEW. COOLERS FULL OF YOUR OWN BEER INSIDE IS PROHIBITED.


All Brackets out after 6PM Wednesday, April 25th

Men’s COMP: 6 HR & Outs

1. I.D.M.
2. Integrity EPC/Chaos
3. The Program (Parker, CO)
4. Hitmen (Grand Junction, CO)
5. RPM
6. CO Prime
7. The Crew
8. Peterson AFB
9. Blacklisted
10. DJV (Erie, CO)
11. FBM/Robot Chickens
12. CO Xpress
13. CO Showstoppers
14. SP Bombers
15. Damage Factory (Denver, CO)
16. Peligrosos
17. Redrum
18. Christina’s
****SOLD OUT****


– Sunday 5:30PM Update –
I am able to fit everyone in and we are completely sold out. I had to adjust the game times to be 65 minutes across the board but nobody will have to come back on Sunday in Men’s.

8AM Start with a 8:50PM Championship.

It’s going to be a long day for both divisions. The 12 teams in Rec will have the longest wait times and I apologize for that in advance; there just wasn’t anything I could do to make it work better for you guys this weekend. Enjoy the beautiful day for softball in store for us and thanks to all of you for playing.

Men’s REC: 3 HR & IE

1. PC Diggs (MN/CO)
2.  Average Joes
3. Top Gun
4. The Other Guys
5. Wiseguys
6. Rocky Mountain Cartel (Roster Approved)
7. DSB
8. CO Prestige
9. The OG’s (Denver, CO)
10. Dad Bodz
11. B.O.S.
12. Altitude Sickness
****SOLD OUT****

1. Oldballs

COED SUNDAY: 4 HR Total & Outs

1. Center Bench (R)
2. Keepin’ It Leisure (R)
3. Bazkit K’z (L)
4. Flaming Turtles (R)
5. Brew Crew (R)
6. Peligrosos CoED (R)
7. No Control (R)
8. AMU CoED (R)
9. Half Cocked (C)
10. X-Rays (C)
11. Village Idiots (C)
12. #TailGatesDown (C)
13. Anarchy (C)

Director at the fields, Ian Rea on Sunday.  

(C) Spots (R) = 3 Runs
(R) Spots (L) = 3 Runs
(C) Spots (L) = 6 Runs

Tournament Information:

Men’s COMP:
65 Minute Games
6 HR & Outs
Double Elimination

Men’s REC:
65 Minute Games
3 HR & IE

COED Sunday:
60 Minute Games
Split Divisions (Double Elim)
Combined (3GG)
3 HR Total Per Game & Run Spot Combined

Prize Package:
World Berth to anywhere of choice + Travel Money based on entries

(Minimum 8 Teams per division for MVP/All-Tourneys)
MVP = 1
All-Tourney = 3