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The return of the Cheyenne Mountain Classic on September 22-23 will feature the Men’s Comp & Rec division on Saturday, 55 Minute games, 3GG for all this weekend. Sunday will feature Coed.

HOMERUNS will be decided by a role of the Dice this weekend for Men’s and Coed!

Men’s Comp = 2 Dice
Men’s Rec = 1 Dice
Coed = 1 Dice

Men’s & Coed Divisions could combine this weekend.  If so, 1 dice will be rolled for HR and Rec teams will be automatic Home Team.

Entry Fee is $300 and registration deadline is Wednesday, September 19th, at 4PM. 2 Balls will be included with Entry. Contact Ken @ 719-229-6720 or to register. You may purchase more @ 6 for $25 or $5 a piece. Any WSL Worth Gold Dot or any ASA 44/375 is allowed in play.




HR = 2 Dice Roll & Outs

1. Peterson AFB
2. The Laser Show
3. 40oz Bombers (Denver, CO)
4. Robot Chickens
5. AMU/Kush Athletics
6. Blacklisted


Ian Rea will be your Director on F5 and F6.  You will be able to pay him, get balls and rosters on your own pod Saturday.  3GG, 2 teams will get a 4GG.



HR = 1 Dice Role & Outs

1. Punch N’ Judy
2. Hellfish (Pueblo, CO)
3. CO Prestige
4. All Mixed Up
5. Argonauts
6. Alliance/Scrap Iron
7. Last Minute
8. 2&Q
9. Good Times
10. Heavy Hitters
11. Oldballs
12. BD All Stars (Pueblo, CO)
13. CO Misfits
14. One Hitter Quitters
15. Dats Booty Son
16. Smokin Bases
17. Wiseguys


Please check in with me behind F4 to get rosters, balls and handle payment. We have a lot of new teams, make sure you plan ahead. Tournament will have an 8:30 Start and 7:30 IF GAME. Double Elim bracket falling into a Consolation. a 3GG for everyone.

Coed Sunday:

HR = 1 Dice Role & Outs

1. Lucky Deuces
2. Bat Attitudes (Trinidad, CO)
3. Peligrosos CoED
4. Imperials
5. Hitmen SBC
6. DLH (C)
7. Anarchy (C)
8. No Control
9. Last Minute
10. Makavelli (C)
11. #tailgatesdown (C)
12. Alcoballics
13. OG’s (Raton, NM)
14. AMU CoED

Same as Men’s Rec for Sunday.  14 Team Double Elim into Consolation.  2 teams will get a 4GG.

Comp Spots Rec 3 runs per game all day.  Dice role for HR.

Tournament Notes:

For that last 6 events of 2018 starting with The Cheyenne Mountain Classic, we will be utilizing 1-man umpiring and will bring in Mats for strikes.

The arc of the pitch (4-10 from Ground) won’t change. To eliminate the biggest inconsistency based on player feedback during events, this will be the best solution with the shortage of officials we have this time of year.

Pitched Ball Hits Plate = Ball
Pitched Ball Hits Plate (Black) & Mat = Strike
Pitched Ball Hits Turf = Ball
Pitched Ball Hits Turf & Mat = Strike

As you can see above, if the pitched ball hits the mat at all, it will be considered a strike based on a 4-10′ arc pitch. There won’t be any discrepancy in the strike zone anymore, it’s cut and dry based on this glossary.